Academic Achievement Program
Kiwanis Advisor: Patti Covey 
Bring Up Grades (BUGs) is the academic achievement component of Kiwanis Kids. BUGs is a program designed to recognize students who raise their grades, or maintain good grades, from one grading period to the next.
This program is designed to provide recognition to students who raise their grades to an acceptable range, and maintain or continue to raise them from one grading period to the next. The teacher establishes a base line grade for each student during the first grading period. Students are honored each grading period thereafter if they maintain their grades and raise one grade.
Program Goals:
  • Teach students how to establish and reach the academic goals.
  • Teach students about perseverance. Encourage peer mentoring.
  • Provide teachers with a method to empower and motivate students to achieve academically.
  • To recognize all students in the participating classroom by the end of the school year.

BUGs is a mentoring program with Kiwanis members working with third grade students on SRA (Star Reading Assessment).
SRA is an intervention program which facilitates student learning in comprehension, vocabulary development, and language skills.  With the assistance of the volunteers from the BUG program, third grade students at Coppin Elementary School receive one-on-one assistance.  Volunteers read leveled passages with the students and assist them with any areas of concern and help them to identify where they have made errors.  The BUG volunteers help facilitate the development of higher level thinking skills by guiding the students in identifying and correcting these errors.
AR: The students truly enjoy the experience of working with the BUG volunteers.  They are able to work at their own level and receive the guidance and caring concern of an adult.  As measured by student test scores and AR Goals (Accelerated Reader), the students participating in this program have made gains in Reading and Language Arts skills.  It is a testament to the dedication and service of our gracious volunteers.