Founders Poem #1
By Beth Roberts - May 1, 2015
Once upon a lovely evening, friends were talking about the meaning of friendship, service and things around.  While we talked and sipped our wine, suddenly came to our mind, we need a new club – to help in our town.  We knew it was right without making a sound.  A Kiwanis club, someone muttered,  our new dream was found.
A new Kiwanis Club – Nothing more.
Ah, distinctly I recall, the letter to Kathleen started it all.  The Formula Team was there to support with the work to be done so we wouldn’t fall short.  Eagerly we did what’s needed – making progress we proceeded.  Recruiting members who we treated – with respect and lots of fun.  A place to meet and time were found – noon much better than when the sun’s not around.
A new Kiwanis Club – For evermore.
And so we met, although uncertain, of tasks unknown behind the curtain.  Thrilled at the prospect of helping kids, energized by the possibilities outside the grid.  To still the beating of our hearts, we got to work just need to start Kiwanis of Lincoln Foothills officers elected, bylaws, and values we selected.
Paperwork completed we were proud of what we did.  Our new club formed no one to forbid.  Presently our plans grew stronger, the list to be done grew even longer.  Talked to the schools to see what they needed, community leaders so priorities could be heeded.  The local newspaper to get us some play, And prospective members started calling – it just made our day.
Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Foothills – Nothing more.
Deep into the tasks at hand.  Hard we all worked to finish the plan.  No doubting, only dreaming of what we could achieve.  Planning for fund raisers and a charter event, who could believe.  The progress we’d made in so short of a time.  Our first meeting approaching – the thought just sublime.
Our Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Foothills – For evermore.
So here we all are at our first meeting – hugs, handshakes and all kinds of greetings.  Welcoming each other, making friends, and ready to serve.  Having a club we love and one we all deserve.  We promise to have fun, to respect each other and add value to our town.  The gun is about to go off – we’re ready – no one can hold us down.
Our Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Foothills – For everyone for evermore.