Healthy Snacks
The Elementary School Bridge The Gap Healthy Snacks Program involves donating nutritional snacks for children who come to school hungry and with no food, so they have proper nutrition to do well in school.  The Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Foothills Board of Directors has learned that far more children than they thought are in this category.
Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Foothills & Lions Club of Lincoln Hills
Make first Delivery of Healthy Snacks to Carlin C. Coppin Elementary School
On August 27, 2015, members of the Bridge The Gap Healthy Snacks Program met at Carlin C. Coppin Elementary School in Lincoln, CA to fill Healthy Snacks Bags for 17 classrooms.
Each classroom received a bag of healthy snacks to be provided to children whose parents cannot afford snacks for the mid-morning break.
Studies show that children who are given a mid-morning snack perform better academically.
This program cost approximately $57 a day to provide snacks to 17 classrooms, for those children who otherwise would not have a snack in the morning.
Shamryn Cole - Principal, Lana Wilson - President, Lincoln Hills Lions Club, Beth Roberts - President, Lincoln Foothills Kiwanis Club, Roger Cook - Lincoln Foothills Kiwanis Club and Bec Cannistraci - Lincoln Foothills Kiwanis Club - Fill Healthy Snacks Bags for delivery.
Teresa Avelar - Bilingual C.C. Coppin Elementary School Staff Member
Delivers first Healthy Snacks Bag to a classroom.

A Healthy Thanks...
  Traylor Ranch / Loomis, Magnolia Hill Orchards / Newcastle and
Side Hill Citrus / Lincoln & Newcastle
for their Mandarin Donations to the Carlin C. Coppin Healthy Snack Program
Kiwanian Rae Cook, Principal Shamryn Coyle, Kiwanian Dottie Doctor
and Lincoln Hills Lion Judy Stidham
Kiwanian Bec Cannistraci and Bill Traylor / Traylor Ranch