School Grants
Carlin C. Coppin, First Street & Sheridan Elementary Schools
Receive over $12,000 to Provide Technology & Physical Education Equipment

Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Foothills provides funding to purchase Chromebooks to enhance teaching and increase student engagement by bringing the power of the web to classrooms.
Leading edge technologies will play a vital role in keeping our students technology savvy.  With the use of Chromebooks, students have access to a range of tools: Calculators, Graphics, Encyclopedias, eBooks, Foreign Language Translators, etc.
Students do not all learn the same way.  With Chromebooks, the teachers now have the resources to accommodate different types of leaners.   We are no longer limited to learning via listening to lecturers or reading a book.
“In the workforce of tomorrow, students will need to be equipped with technology skills. Chromebooks for Education unlock for students the world of the web in a quick, easy and safe environment”, stated Edy Ternullo, Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Foothills, President.
Edy Ternullo presenting Check to Emily Ortiz,
Principal Sheridan Elementary School
KCOLF Foundation President, Edy Ternullo, presenting a $2000 check to Sheridan Elementary School Principal, Emily Ortiz, for Physical Education Equipment needed at the school.  President Ternullo stated, "Kiwanis Club of Lincoln Foothills is proud to be able to support this grant which will greatly improve the physical education opportunities at Sheridan Grade School. We look forward to increasing our support in the future."
Bec Cannistraci presenting Check to Ruben Ayala,
Principal First Street Elementary School
Bec Cannistraci presenting Check to Shamryn Coyle,
Principal Carlin C. Coppin Elementary School